Our Mission is Simple

Little Journey aims to support all children to better health. We believe that, by providing engaging, interactive and age-appropriate content designed to psychologically prepare and support families throughout healthcare interactions, we can improve healthcare experiences and health outcomes for all.

Using a co-creation process, children are consulted at each step of the way, helping to steer design and ensure a truly patient-focused user experience.
We strive to provide an inclusive, accessible solution, accounting for variations in physical and cognitive needs.

We believe in the power of familiarisation and desensitisation through immersive play to facilitate individual coping strategy development, reducing peri-procedural anxiety and improving healthcare experiences.

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Why we built Little Journey

Little Journey was founded in 2018 by Dr Chris Evans and Sophie Copley. As an anaesthetic doctor and father himself, Chris witnessed first-hand the distress experienced by children and families coming to hospital for surgery. Partnering with Sophie, an expert in human-centred product design, they created a prototype version of the Little Journey app to support children undergoing elective surgery.

Since then, the Little Journey solution has grown and developed, supporting thousands of families across the UK and further afield. As a company, we strive to enable all children to receive the best support possible throughout their healthcare interactions.

Meet the team

Sophie Copley

Founder & CPO


Specialising in human-centred healthcare design and user experience design.



Dr Chris Evans

Founder & CEO


Anaesthetic Doctor and expert in children’s peri-operative anxiety and its management



Nicolaus Henke



Expert in business transformation through data, AI and technology. Previously led McKinsey’s Life Science and Healthcare arm.



Azim Palmer

Chief Technology Officer


Senior software engineer and full stack developer.



Dr Libby Beake 

Editor in Chief 


Medical doctor and experienced medical copywriter



Asyah Chhibda

CRO Customer Success Lead


Paediatric research nurse focusing on site and participant success. Interest in rare disease clinical trials.



Ian Knott

Regulatory and Governance Lead


Specialist in global medical device regulatory frameworks and quality management systems



Jess Morris

Marketing Intern





Juan Joughin

Junior Designer




Thomas Rush

User Researcher







Katarzyna Gut

User Researcher



Alessia Abbate

Operations Manager



Dr Victoria Queralt

Clinical Psychologist 



Josh Elliff

Digital Designer



Mike Northfield

Associate CMO
Product Lead

Mike Northfield

Associate CMO
Product Lead

Invester Information

Little Journey is a rapidly growing mission driven health technology SME. We'd love to speak with investors interested in digital health and clinical research who are interested in working with a passionate team.

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