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Reduce Anxiety and Improve Patient Outcomes

Peri-procedural anxiety is the leading complaint before surgery and results in poor patient experiences, reduced satisfaction with care and worse mental and physical health outcomes.

Little Journey is proven to reduce anxiety and improve patient outcomes.

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What is Little Journey?

Little Journey is a digital eSupport platform that psychologically prepares, informs and supports children and families before, during and after healthcare procedures, all from the comfort and safety of their own home.

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Co-created with families

Designed to reduce healthcare-induced anxiety, the Little Journey platform has been co-created with children, families and healthcare staff to provide end-to-end support throughout each hospital journey.
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Tailored Content

The Little Journey smartphone app delivers interactive and engaging content tailored to a child’s age, procedure type and hospital.

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Configurable by You

An accompanying Little Journey web portal, accessed by healthcare staff, enables organisations to configure the app content, building virtual patient pathways and editing key information in near real time.

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Patient Benefits

With a 97% satisfaction rate from more than 450 App Store reviews, Little Journey improves patient’s experience of care, satisfaction and health outcomes.

  • Studies demonstrate reduced anxiety 
  • Decreased pre-operative fasting times (by an average of 1 hour for liquids and 2 hours for solids) before
  • Faster post-operative recovery time (1.74% QALY improvement from using Little Journey)
  • Fewer missed days of school/work
  • Development of positive health behaviours transitioning to adulthood
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Hospital Benefits

Configured to over 50 NHS trusts plus several healthcare organisations worldwide, Little Journey use has proven benefits for healthcare organisations including:

  • Organisational cost benefits - £3.50 and £6.00 cash/non-cash releasing savings for healthcare organisations and society respectively for every £1 invested.
  • Reduced unplanned admissions
  • Decreased on-the-day cancellations (42% reduction)
  • Improved staff/resource utilisation (e.g. 30% faster recovery time)
  • Improved patient compliance with care (e.g. reduced pre-medication rates)

Why implement Little Journey in your healthcare organisation?

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Better Patient Experiences

Through tailored preparation for the whole family, Little Journey familiarises, desensitises and helps align their expectations with the process of undergoing a procedure.

By improving communication and providing continuous support, Little Journey improves satisfaction and patient experience of care.

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Improved Patient Outcomes

Through enhanced psychological preparation and support, Little Journey improves short and long term physical and mental outcomes.

From faster recovery to reduced numbers of days of school missed, Little Journey helps kids get back to being kids.

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Lower Cost of Healthcare

Through modification of children’s and their family's behaviours, Little Journey reduces on-the-day cancellations, the need for anxiolytic premedication, rescue analgesia and unplanned admissions to hospital – all lowering the cost of the care delivered.

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Better Care Co-ordination

Little Journey improves patient flow and staff utilisation through enhanced patient compliance and understanding.

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Improved Population Health

Positive healthcare experiences for the whole family promote the development of improved health behaviours, ultimately helping to lower the health economic burden of illness due to negative health behaviours.

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"Amazing app, helped to show my daughter what she would experience, took a little of the anxiety away. Very easy to use and very informative"

"We used the Little Journey app to help a 9 year old girl recently who was very anxious and has autism. Her previous procedures have been a real challenge due to this. After the patient downloaded and used the app, it was a much less stressful situation, simply due to the immersive distraction she experienced from playing with the app.​“

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